Heating Maintenance


The winters in the Chesapeake Region can unpredictable but your heating system doesn't have to be! With regular heating maintenance, you can weather any storm. Scheduled heating maintenance keeps your system running efficiently and will save you money over time. To keep it running efficiently and smoothly there is an essential maintenance checklist we recommend. Most of all, it will ensure your HVAC will work when you need it.


Heating Maintenance Checklist

Check all gas (or oil) connections

Measure the gas pressure

Inspect heat exchanger

Check operating gas (or oil) connections

Test the heating system thermostat

Tighten all electrical connections

Measure voltage and current on motors

Clean and lubricate all moving parts

Check and inspect the furnace condensate drain

Check all system controls

Change all filters

Install insulation where necessary

Depending on the age of your system, upon the initial inspection, we will determine the checklist appropriate for you. Our HVAC technicians always provide every customer with a personalized maintenance schedule. Our goal is to provide you the very best service, in an efficient manner.

Regular heating maintenance will save you money on energy costs. Therefore, when you keep your system running optimally you will see the difference on your heating bill. Level Home Services recommends that we perform heating maintenance before the first cold snap. When you pre-set up heating maintenance, one of our HVAC team members will perform service scheduled annually. 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority.